About Jen

Look, a spider!

I am a singer, and have been since before I could speak. I was also a very sensitive and empathetic child, from a family of highly sensitive, empathetic, and somewhat clairvoyant women.

I got my first Tarot deck when I was a teenager, and started doing readings for myself, friends and family almost immediately. I did well in school, wrote poems, short stories and essays, danced, taught myself to play guitar, and sang every chance I had.

Early in adulthood, however, I decided to train as a Biomedical Scientist, and focused entirely on reason and logic, banishing all spirituality (even art and music!) from my daily life. I was very good at it, but something was missing, and I was absolutely miserable.

I was jarred awake by a fearsome diagnosis: Cancer. Thyroid cancer, more specifically. I had just begun singing again, and here was a very real possibility that I could lose my voice, forever. The surgery went well and I am now cancer free, thankfully, but that shock started me on the path of spiritual reawakening that I encounter myself on currently.

My spirituality has been revived, but that doesn’t mean that I have abandoned my practicality. The scientist in me is still alive and well, thank you very much. She’s just quite a bit more open-minded, in every sense of the word. And I get to sing a LOT more!

My tarot readings tend to blend the practical and mundane with the esoteric and spiritual. I strive to help my clients find how they can make better sense of their current circumstances, bringing context to conflicts so that the lessons that need to be gleaned from them become more apparent.

I believe in free will, and that the future is never set in stone, as we are all currently building it. The tarot just takes a snapshot of the energy surrounding a situation at the moment, making it easier to see what the possible outcome could be… but we can always change the outcome if we alter the pattern today.

My goal is to help my clients face their life with more empowered confidence, able to take proactive action to build their future, rather than just reacting to whatever might come their way. But also to help them realize that some situations call for letting go of control, and trusting that circumstances are unfolding just the way they should.

The key is knowing when to hold them, and when to fold them.

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Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

Hometown: Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Music gigs: Vocalist with American Latin Soul, a local Latin music band, as well as performing solo. May be caught singing whenever invited on stage by friends, or from the audience if the song is part of my repertoire 😉 Follow my musical shenanigans at JenCintron.com!

Education: B.S. in Biomedical Science, Chemistry Minor. Completed coursework and lab work for M.S. in Immunology.

Other interests: Science and Nutrition, Crystals, Runes, Literature, Poetry, Jewelry-making, Sound and Energy Healing, Astrology.

Languages: Fluent in Spanish and English. Basic understanding of Italian, Portuguese and French.

Height: 5’2″. I’ll probably look up to you.

Got any questions you’d like answered here? Drop me a line! TarotJen AT gmail DOT com.

Photos by Danielle Simone