This is what some past clients had to say about my readings:

“I just wanted to let you know that everybody LOVED having you at the party and found the experience truly enlightening. The resounding reaction I heard again and again was that you were “right on”!! [The guest of honor] especially enjoyed her reading and thought you were extremely talented. Nice work and thanks again.”

-Angie, Milwaukee, WI

“Upon the first read-through of your reading, I’m really quite blown away.  It’s amazing that you have somehow pinpointed and put to words many things that I’ve been sensing on the tip of my mind.  It is not just a confirmation of what I’ve guessed, but a clarification of some aspects, and organization (I need order in my life) of the aspects.

It’s interesting that you suggest me to wear or keep with me a fossil or something similar.  My passion is Archaeology and that is what one of my degrees is in, as well as Ancient History.  I have always been drawn to the past, so perhaps it is my Psyche trying to connect with it?
I will look into it. I know there are several stores around that I can look at.

Thank you very much for this!”


“I had a […] reading last week with Jen Cintrón as part of my research for the article I wrote about this fascinating woman and she expressed my biggest fear in the exact words that I use in my own head. I can’t explain more because putting words on it seems like it would make this fear even more plausible, but I am actually taking a couple of steps to try to proactively prevent my worst fear coming to fruition.

The best I can come up with is that when someone who is really committed to tarot cards puts their best energy into a reading, it will conjure issues that resonate. I will call it an “uncanny coincidence”[…]”

– Molly Snyder, OnMilwaukee.com

“I have never had a Tarot Card reading before so I wasn’t sure about what to expect- maybe my future would be told? Well, that didn’t happen, but Jen DID paint a very unique and interesting picture of what the cards had told her about my strengths, weaknesses and desires. I felt like Jen was being very sensitive to what I was asking about and was being thorough in her effort to interpret the cards that I laid down for her. Since my reading, Jen’s words have stuck with me and I’ve found that to be quite a motivating force! I would absolutely recommend Jen’s services to anyone interested in getting a different perspective on themselves or their goals!”

– A.R.

“Jen of Intuitive Insights Tarot is extremely easy to talk to, down to earth and highly intuitive. I don’t doubt that she has visceral, psychic powers. Both of the readings I have done with her have been scarily accurate. She is the real thing!”

– S.T.

“Intuitive is the right word for these tarot readings. Jen has just the right approach and I highly recommend her.”


“Thank you for the reading, I was expecting it to be a little broad but it was much more specific (in a good way) than what I was expecting. It was very informative and I will have to come up with more questions to ask in the future. “

– M.M.