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Hi Jen,

I’ve dabbled with the tarot quite a bit over the years and drew some cards asking about the energy between my son and a particular girl.  I drew 5 cards… all major arcana… does this mean big lessons? Past life connections? A bit intrigued as I have never drawn all major cards in a reading before, ever. 

I should have written everything down… but I do remember The Emperor, Death, and The Star. And I think the others were The Hierophant and Justice…which makes me nervous about him being in trouble? or maybe they will one day marry?  He is so young, and she is his best friend in school. They currently don’t see each other outside of school, but they text. I don’t think I can altogether put a stop to this because it may make it worse.  She doesn’t seem awful…lol. She lives in questionable area and hear things about the family…  Thought you may have insight. 

Meddling Momma Bear


Hi, MMB,

Thank you for sharing your situation with me! Let’s see what we can find out here.

From your own reading, pulling all major arcana cards tells me that this relationship will definitely bring major growth and life lessons. Your son is at the threshold of manhood, and how he learns to relate to women during these critical years will have a deep impact on how he approaches relationships as an adult. The Emperor and Death indicate to me that he’s learning how to be a man, leaving behind childhood and exploring what this new phase in his life means, and how he fits into it.

The Star is a card that often indicates a past-life connections and karmic lessons. There is hope and beauty. The Hierophant and Justice make me think that he is learning to navigate what tradition and society tells him about relationships between men and women, and what he actually perceives to be fair and balanced.

I pulled some cards for this situation, using one of my favorite simple 3-card spreads asking: What to do? What not to do? What’s the final insight/outcome?.

Divined Advice for MMB

Goodness gracious, look at all that fire and air! You’re right in thinking that if you try to prevent them from communicating, you will only be fanning the flames.

What to do? The Guardian of Fire. Offer encouragement, and be welcoming and open-hearted. Remember that we don’t choose the family we are born into, and that being of limited financial means doesn’t necessarily have negative bearing on the content of one’s character. Offer advice if your son asks for it, and keep an eye on the flames, so that they don’t burn destructively. Show him that you respect her, and he will in turn learn to respect her, and other women too.

What not to do? The Eight of Air reversed. Don’t try to stifle the communication between them, and encourage open dialogue with your son. Though he is your child, he is his own person, and he’s figuring out his agency and will. Listen to his reasoning and requests. “Because I said so” is not a good enough reason to restrict him anymore, he needs to understand why. And the reasons shouldn’t be based on unfounded fears or prejudice.

What’s the final outcome? The Six of Fire. I love this card here! This is a card of joyful celebration. It’s too far into the future to see clearly if these kids will end up getting married, but it does appear that this relationship will help them grow into well-balanced and successful adults, and it will bring them a lot of happiness. They encourage each other to succeed and do the right thing.

As always, I like to look at the bottom of the deck for the underlying energy, and here we have the reversed Nine of Air, which tells me that there’s a lot of uncalled-for worry. The card behind it is The Sun, reversed, which further advises you to lighten up, and to see that this will bring more joy than anything else, both for your son and his friend.

Trust that you’ve raised a smart young man, and offer encouragement and guidance. It’s all working for good! Namasté!

Jen Cintron


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