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Know thyself


In Ancient Greece, you would’ve been greeted by the aphorism “γνῶθι σεαυτόν” inscribed above the entrance of the chamber where Oracular knowledge was imparted by the Pythia. Transliterated as “gnōthi seauton“, it translates as “Know thyself”. Whatever wisdom the Oracle was pulling from the ether, ultimately, would bring you to know your most intimate Self.

This has always been a challenge for us humans. What and who, exactly, are you? Are you your body? The collection of your experiences? The particular pattern of neuron firings going on inside your skull? Or are you more than that? And if you’re more, then what is its substance? We could go along this line of questioning forever.

The way I see it, your Soul is your true, highest Self. It is what says “I am”, regardless of what changes have happened in your body or what experiences you’ve gone through, it remains intact, whole, and perfect. Each one of us is a fractal offshoot of the Divine Universal Consciousness that decided to know itself more through the experience of humanity.

We are caught between worlds. The Divine Creative spark, boundless in time and space, wanted to know what it was to be heavy. To have material substance. To be bounded, fettered.

Why would the Divine decide to bind itself thus?

I like to imagine that it wanted a challenge. Can we become truly aware of our place in time and space, as we are, and reconcile it with the fact that even though we may appear bounded for this brief droplet in the vast ocean of time, what we truly are isn’t defined by our body, our history, our family, or our circumstances? Though these things house us and shape us, our Truest, Highest Self was there before all that, and will continue to be after all that has been.

Can we learn to fully embody our Divine Self, our Christ Consciousness, starting from the gross matter of physical existence? Can we truly reconcile these seemingly opposite realities?

As a story-teller, I’m also tempted to say that it’s all for Love, for the love of story. Endlessly curious and creative, The Divine Spark wanted to see what would happen.

And so it practiced at Life, starting with blue-green algae in the primordial soup, and kept evolving and figuring it out and becoming more complex until we got here, to where we are, allegedly the highest form of consciousnes on this planet. And I believe that this is exactly why the Bible says that we were made in God’s image. We truly are, but it’s our consciousness that is made in God’s image, Limitless, Whole and Holy, not our bodies which are so diverse and distinct from each other, beautiful in their own right, but so corruptible and perishable.

The Divine Spark within us always seeks Divinity, and so as soon as we evolved enough brain power to realize our individuality, our identity as contained, solid beings, we also recognized, in awe and wonder, the divine magic of Life-Creating Energy, or Spirit, or God, or Allah, or The Everything that Is, or whatever you choose to call It. Jesus said that God is Love, and I believe him.

Because the Divine is boundless, and we see ourselves so limited by the four dimensions of space and time, we may not recognize that we really ARE a sprout derived from the Divine Spark of Love. We get so caught up in the sound and fury and solidity of physical survival that we forget our True Selves, and what we came here for. Our perception becomes overwhelmed by the barrage of evidence presented by our empirical senses and the needs and demands of our physical bodies, drowning out the more subtle, spiritual knowledge we can all access when we are attuned to it. Our senses fool us into thinking the material world, with its concrete immediacy, is all there really is. In reality, this physical plane just happens to be the easiest one for us to perceive, embodied and earthbound as we are.

But deep within us and high above us, the Divine always seeks itself. There have always been humans whose sensitivity to the spiritual world is heightened, and they tell us what they’ve learned, as best they can see it through cultural and linguistic frame of reference they’ve been conditioned to, and if we follow their guidance, our own “antenna” gets tuned to the right frequency, and little by little our own perception starts to change, we see more. The Divine Essence within us longs to be recognized, because this recognition strengthens our connection to the Greater Cosmic Divinity. When we connect with the essence of loving creativity that is our Soul, we can hear the call of our purpose more clearly.

And so this is our quest. To become so familiar with our Nature that we are able to feel and hear the call of our Soul, and to fearlessly follow through with it. Knowing that, in the end, when we flow with our last breath out of these meat suits which temporarily house us, boundlessness will be attained again. We realize that there’s truly nothing to fear, not even Death, because we know in our core that it’s not The End. Not by a long shot.

How wonderful, then, that so many folks before us have toiled, and built upon the old existing knowledge, to devise such excellent tools to discern our Soul’s messages! Astrology, pendulums, I-ching, tea leaf readings, tarot… all of these means of divination are merely tools to connect with Universal Divine Knowledge. The truest, highest, unchanging Truth of who we really are. Whatever the external manifestation of our being might be, in essence, we are Divine Love made solid. If we remember and truly know ourselves to the point where we feel this in our bones, it becomes easier to live accordingly.

May you know yourself deeply, and shine forth from there. Namasté!

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Sample Relationship Reading: Paul

For: Paul

Spread: Based on the relationship spread found in Shadowscapes Tarot companion book, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

Question: General Outlook

Card Position

Card Number

Card Name

1: Your Hope

9 of Clouds


2: Her Hope



3: Relationship Strength



4: Your Fear



5: Her Fear

7 of Fire


6: Relationship weakness

Page of Rainbows


7: Final Insight

Page of Clouds


Ozho Zen Tarot is a registered trademark of Osho International.


The first card represents your hope for this relationship, and the 9 of Clouds tells me that you hope to be done shedding tears over your broken heart, you are tired of suffering in love. You feel your love and attention were “wasted” (though love is never really wasted!) in situations where it was not reciprocated.  But this feels different, and so, you dare to hope to be done suffering in love for good!

Her hope for this relationship is similar, she’s actually hoping that this will be a life-
transforming relationship, that all her bad luck will be behind her. She has also been badly hurt by rejection, but feels like this relationship is turning a new leaf in her life, or at least that’s what she’s hoping. A relationship like she’s never had before. The end of all the crap that came before, and the beginning of a completely new stage. (XIII: Transformation)

The greatest strength of this relationship is that it feels so full of possibilities and potential. You are both trying to jump in with both feet first, regardless of how burned you’ve been in the past. Seems you both have kind of an “it’s now or never” attitude about this, and are willing to put in the work towards making the relationship last. (V: No-Thingness).

Your greatest fear in this relationship is that you won’t know how to BE in a good relationship. You have spent so much of your life either alone or in bad relationship situations, that you are afraid that you won’t even recognize the real deal when you find it. You are very set in your ways, too, and you don’t want to have to change in order to make a relationship work, and you are afraid that she might want to change you. (X: Change)

Her greatest fear, on the other hand, is that you will try to control her too much, or that you will constantly want her to jump through hoops to “prove” her love to you. She’s afraid that she’ll end up spending all her energy trying to please you, but still you won’t think it’s good enough. It feels to me like she’s been in a situation where she was made to believe the guy was “doing her a favor” by being with her (real class act, that guy #sarcasm), and is afraid that it might happen again. (7 of Fire: Stress)

The greatest weakness in this relationship is that you are actually both very set in your ways, and may have a hard time shaking things up; you could fall into a comfortable routine that could get boring after a while. You’ll have to make it a point to inject fun things to do into your relationship, and even when making a point of it one or the other might be a bit hesitant, or even resistant to going along with it. (Page of Rainbows: Adventure)

The final card shows us the likely final outcome if things stay on the current track. I don’t believe in predestination, so if this final card isn’t too positive, I look at it as a warning, not an inevitability. In this case, it looks like both you and her are carrying so much emotional baggage, you may get caught up in your own heads in negative assumptions about one’s feelings towards the other. This can lead to a breakdown in communication, where she thinks you’re feeling one way, and you think she’s feeling another, and so you create a mountain out of a molehill, escalating tiny issues into big blowups.

The key to avoid this is to maintain open lines of communication. Speak compassionately to each other, remember that a kind word goes a long way. Always assume that the other person isn’t hurting you intentionally, rather they might be inadvertently pushing buttons that were put there by previous heartbreak. If she says or does something that hurt you, take a step back and a deep breath, and assume it was probably unintentional.  Kindly let her know how she made you feel. You may be surprised at her reaction.

There is definitely a lot of potential for healing for both of you in this relationship. I know it’s hard to let go of the past and “love like you’ve never been hurt before”, but that is precisely what is needed in order for true love to blossom. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with her, and she will do the same with you, and from this, intimacy and love will grow. Talk to each other, and err on the side of openness.

There are three major arcana (more powerful cards!) in this spread: Transformation, No-Thingness, and Change. It seems like there will be some conflict between you because of a fear of change in your part, note the play in between your biggest fear (Change), and her biggest hope (Transformation). Remember that we can only grow by allowing ourselves to change, and MAKING ourselves change for the better. It’s not easy, but it sure is rewarding!

The other major arcana shows up on the relationship’s strength position, while the relationship’s weakness position is taken by a minor arcana card. This tells me that, overall, this relationship is stronger than it is weak. Just like anything else worth doing, it will require work, so watch out for those potential pitfalls.

Good luck! My best wishes for you always 🙂

Note: I use the Osho Zen Tarot Deck for my readings, and make no claim of ownership of copyright. Osho Zen Tarot is copyrighted by Osho International Foundation
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